Sibolla Lake Nature Reserve was created to protect this little but significant wetland: it extends for about 60 hectares in the municipality of Altopascio and represents, from a floristic point of view, one of the most important marsh biotopes of Tuscany.
For a large part the marsh area is surrounded by uncultivated meadows and still cultivated fields, while woods are in the south-eastern and eastern part of the basin. The Sibolla Lake, still uncontaminated, makes us understand how the nearby Padule of Fucecchio and Padule of Bientina must have looked before the remediation of the 19th century. On the banks of the body of water we can admire several species of water birds, including a colony of colonial herons.

From 2016, the Municipality of Altopascio, also thanks to the collaboration of the local associations and the environmental guides of the territory, has started a process of relaunching, also in the field of tourism, of the Sibolla protected area.
A path of rebirth that concerns two main aspects. The first one: the activities of enhancement and conservation of the Reserve, from a naturalistic point of view, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and protection of the fauna and flora present, thanks also to the interventions of the Lower Valdarno Reclamation Consortium and European projects Life.
The second one: the sponsorship of the Reserve, through an annual calendar of openings, workshop activities in the Visitor Center, guided tours for hikers, pilgrims, citizens and students (from local schools and from neighboring municipalities and provinces), initiatives.
From October 2020, the Municipality of Altopascio, after a long negotiation succeded in obtaining then management of the Visitor Center of the Sibolla Lake Nature Reserve, in agreement with Tuscany region. The goal is to take care of the protected area and promote in the best possible way the Reserve, one of its kind.



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