The history of Altopascio is told through ceramics and sculptures and this historical collection is placed inside the Mediceo Loggia, built over the years 1472-1475. The Loggia, which stands in front of the Peregrinatio, constitutes the prominent architectural element of Garibaldi square, formerly the market square.

The collection provides evedence of Altopascio’s history and its surrounding area with various materials, in particular it exhibits excavated ceramic objects, mainly from the Renaissance period. The finds come largely from the activity of the archaeological section “Italia nostra”. Other materials come from the medieval church, from the cloister or from the Palace. The content of the Raccolta testifies the multiple aspects of the life of the territory, from the 12th to the 19th century, up to the first examples of industrial materials.

Here, the ceramics embrace various types and objects, different for age, shape and function, technique of manufacture, decoration and social groups: large jars of woodcook (15th century) to contain the grains, pans used in the Palace kitchen, Masters’ tableware, popular materials, including everyday little objects. Existing as a little collection at the Municipal Library since the early 1980s, it was set up as an exhibition organic in 1990 and established as a documentation center in 1991.



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