The theatre season

october - april
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The theatre season

A lot of high-quality artistic events from October to April

Throughout the years, Altopascio have been consolidating the bond with the “Toscana Spettacolo” Foundation Onlus, which brings to the town the best prose plays and ballets from October to April.

The “G. Puccini” theatre (Viale Regina Margherita, Altopascio) stages shows and ballets which draw an increasingly wider public’s attention, even in the neighboring provinces; the theatre season of Altopascio has become indeed a cultural point of reference in the territory. During this season you can watch the most popular prose plays with famous actors, staged by theatrical companies which travel throughout Italy: comedies, committed theatre, musicals, ballets and the opera. Before the most popular shows take place, the municipality of Altopascio and the “Spettacolo Toscana” Foundation Onlus usually set up meetings between the actors and the audience, in order to strengthen the bond between culture and territory. This kind of bond is shown by the high number of subscribers who, years after years, confirm their love for the theatre season of Altopascio.

In addition to this, the Puccini theatre stages shows and plays for schools and sets up meetings which set off local companies: music associations, bands such as the “G. Zei” band of Altopascio, amateur companies, tribute bands; the schools of Altopascio, with their students, stage plays during institutional moments.